Why the Correct Form Matters When you Exercise Part 1

by Doug Lu-Hill
12/29/20 - Los Angeles

To train hard, one must also train smart. There is no point exercising and ripping those muscles apart if you are not doing each rep correctly. You deserve to enjoy doing numerous squats without hovering over the toilet seat in excruciating pain the next day. There is a significant difference between the glute burn your barre trainer preaches about and glute overkill. Here are the reasons why you need to practice proper exercise form to avoid burning out. Preventing InjuriesThe most important reason why you need to practice the best form while exercising is to prevent injuries. Your joints, tendons, and muscles are delicate, and every part of your body is a kinetic chain linked together. Even if you are as ripped like Brad Pitt in Troy, a painful Achilles heel will knock all your strength down. Focus on protecting your lower back from hurting, especially if you do many deadlifts and squats. Take care of your wrists while holding dumbbells, and keep in mind that abdominal exercises should not lead to lower and back pain. If your goal is to look as buff as Superman, the wrong technique will be your kryptonite.
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