Grow Your Fitness Business With ExtendView Part 2

by Brittany Stalworth
01/24/21 - Los Angeles

A big part of growing your online fitness business is going to be posting on social media to help you generate leads. Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are 3 platforms that are very visual and work really well for providing value to your potential customer base. The tricky part is figuring out how to get your content scene amongst a sea of other fitness professionals sharing their workouts and exercises. The unique AR technology of ExtendView is eye catching and will make your content stand out. Curiosity will make your audience want to reach out to you and ask more questions about ExtendView. This interaction makes for the perfect transition to discuss training with you on the app.

So you see, you can use the superficial value of the app to discuss the deeper use of the app which is program design. Programs get clients results and helps to build more value with personal training. Now that you know this strategy, download the ExtendView app and start posting to social media to attract clients!

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