New Year

by Madeleine Barmark
02/02/21 - Los Angeles

2021 is here! 

New year, new beginning and improved habits!

Like for most of us, for me, a new year means a new beginning. An opportunity to start fresh, let go of the old and in bring in the new. A 5 day juice cleanse, eating healthy, work out smarter and meditate daily.

I am not going to lie, I failed the juice cleanse twice before actually being able to go through the full 5 days of only liquids. However, finally accomplishing it, made me feel mentally strong and like my body was lighter. 

Working out has always been something I love! I do yoga in some form everyday but have definitely lost some of the intensity and  strength pieces of the practice as covid came and I had to practice alone, at home.

I realized it was up to me to change, I began using Extend view, both to polish on my form, motivate myself to hold the shapes longer, but also to bring in some elements of other workouts into my practice.

The ballet moves are definitely a favorite! I have just as fun nailing the exercise as I do when I totally fail! It’s all part of the practice and what’s learning is about.

So If you haven’t already, I am encouraging you all to let this be an opportunity to learn something new, or if you find what you love, take it to a new level.

-it’s time to take out the old, and bring in the new

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