Grow Your Fitness Business With Extend View: Part 1

by Brittany Stalworth
01/11/21 - Los Angeles

Are you a personal trainer who is struggling with their training business since the pandemic started? The pandemic forced many gyms to close which means personal trainers were unable to meet and train their clients. You may be one of the trainers affected by having your gym closed. If you were, it may have been hard to get your in person clients  transition to online.  You may have gotten objections like: I don't think online training will be effective?  How will you be able to check my form? I am not tech savvy? Extend View can help you to answer all of those questions! With Extend View you'll be able to create a custom training program for your clients to make sure they see results and that training online is effective. Extend View uses AR technology to track your clients' movements so that you can ensure their form is correct. Lastly, the app is user friendly. Your clients just need to open the app, select the program that you've assigned them, prop their phone up ,and start exercising! Extend View is a great way to get your clients to by into the online training experience so that you can grow your fitness business online. Even during the pandemic! Stay tuned to the blog for more ways that you can use Extend View to grow your business. 
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