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Don't just work out,

work right.

Extend View combines state of the art AI and augmented reality with a platform that connects users and trainers. As a user, you can connect with a trainer who is right for you. Our tracking tools will keep you accountable, while our virtual coach will give feedback on your workout in real time so that you can achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re interested in flexibility, strength, or cardio.

As a trainer, you get to broaden your client base on a whole new platform. Our virtual trainer means that you can spend more time programming and less time correcting form. With our tracking tools and recorded sessions, you can keep your clients accountable even when their working out on their own.

Recoup. Recover. Regain your power.

In addition to traditional workouts, our technology is perfect for patients recovering from injuries with physical therapy. Our virtual coach ensures that patients are doing their at home recovery exercises correctly, while our tracking tools and recorded sessions keep patients accountable. Whether you’re recovering from a traumatic injury or a repetitive stress injury, Extend View can get you closer to your mobility goals.