My experience as a trainer on ExtendView

by Brittany Stalworth
12/30/20 - Los Angeles

Hi everyone! I’m Brittany Noelle and I’m a certified personal trainer. I’ve been using the ExtendView app for a few months now to help my clients understand better workout form and to track how they’re moving when coaching them online. They love that they can see my avatar while they workout and that I can provide them with feedback on how to improve their form. It makes my clients feel much better about training with me virtually. I also love that as a fitness influencer, I’m able to use the app to create images like the one below to explain form tips to my followers. The app is easy to set up and use. It’s also populated with many of the exercises I do every day. I would highly recommend using this app if you’re a virtual personal trainer. Stay tuned for more posts about how I use the app and my experience in 2021!
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